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LLC Yug-GazStroyProekt performs maintenance of gas supply systems at a qualitatively high level, observing all the norms and rules established by the supervisory authorities. Regardless of the features, the objects ordered and the complexity of the engineering systems, the specialists of our company develop a specific list of technical measures, determine the frequency of the work, and designate the responsible persons. Together with the customer, we clarify the procedure and timing of the production of technical work at the facility, after which we approve the procedure for maintaining the facility. The company "Yug-GazStroyProekt" has extensive experience in the design of gas pipelines. Design and installation of engineering communications is the most important task requiring special knowledge and skills, as well as experience in various facilities: from private households to manufacturing enterprises. For more than 15 years, Yug-GazStroyProekt has provided enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus with equipment for gas supply and heating, not limited to the function of a supplier. This ensures the company's leadership in the market for the construction of heat and power systems and the high reputation of the company. Yug-GazStroyProekt: effective solutions in the field of power system!

Natalya Kuznetsova

sales manager